When Coaching One On One always remember to lay out a plan and goals!

hey_coachIf you don’t set goals and a plan on how to achieve your goals your almost setting yourself up for failure even before you’ve started.  Whatever your trying to achieve in life, be it starting a business, losing weight or simply trying to become a better person.  You must, literally and figuratively “Write” down your goal and your plan to achieve that goal.

Here are a few things you need to do:

1.  Brainstorm some ideas for the goal or goals your’re trying to achieve.  Write them down or write them on your computer. It doesn’t have to be neat and clean…just write these brainstorming ideas down.  I used to write these sorts of tidbits on a napkins and then later transcribe them on my computer for future reference.  My assistant used to laugh because I would give her crumpled pieces of notes on napkins because she thought it was so funny as she thought they were doggie bags from the restaurant.  We still laugh about that. I would literally have wads of napkins in my inbox with tons of ideas.  Whats even funnier is that she does exactly the same thing and she finds that those napkins are little reminders and tons of great ideas get written on napkins. :)

2.  Brainstorm idea’s for the “Steps” needed to be taken to achieve each goal.  Make a list of 2 or 3 Steps that you physically have to do. In other words, write down the actual “steps” you think you need to accomplish to reach your goal.  Believe it or not you already know what you need to do…you just need to write it down.  I have found that most of my clients actualy know what they need to do but they usually are afraid to begin for fear of making a mistake.  There is no right or wrong answer here.

3.  Now that you’ve brainstormed some goals and steps to achieve this goal or goals, its time to organize all these ideas you’ve got on paper.  I have found the best way to organize a Plan and Goal is to give yourself:

a.  Set a schedule when each goal has  to be acheived…Keep it flexible.

b.  Set a priority(#1, #2 etc) of all the actions/steps you must take in your plan and the time limit that you must get them done…Keep it flexible.

c.  Reward yourself with a treat for achieving each goal you’ve met.  Even if that goal was considered a simple one.  I don’t mean going out to the local Baskin Robbins and pigging out on the best Flavor of the month ice cream.  I’m talking about a massage, a pedicure, a haircut, a round of golf..something that you feel is a satisfactory reward for achieving this goal.

I know that it may appear as though I’m simplifying some of this..but you will find out, that is exactly how I Coach.  I try to “Keep It Simple” because most clients issues typically has nothing to do with intelligence,  its having to do with their noggin getting in the way!  Seriously, people are their own worst enemy and the enemy has to be shaped, nurtured and trained to follow, NOT lead!! You have to understand that you NEED to train your brain to work the way you want it to work…not the other way around.

In closing….Break up your Plan into little Steps and Keep It Simple!!

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