So You Want to Build a Business Online?

BuildingBusinessEasier said then done!!  I assure you that building a business on the Internet is not as easy as some sales people lead on.  It took me roughly two years to really feel in command with all their is to know about building a business online.  I unfortunately learned this business without any training, coaching or any guidance at all.  Although I turned out okay…I learned some things along the way that could have made my job much, much easier.  For one, hire an Internet Marketing Coach!!  The cost and expense would have been well worth my time and money.  Some of us just seem to want to learn the hard way.

But…no fear folks….today’s article touches on some pretty basic areas that I should have figured out..but took me a very long time to figure out.

Building an “Online” business requires 4 Important ingredients:

1.  Finding a Niche Product:  As you recall from a previous article with the same title, we discussed the three key elements needed to find a Niche. Refer back to that article for more background.  The main point we want to make is that you have to find a niche within a market.  Otherwise your just throwing spaghetti against the wall and hoping that something sticks.  Not a very good way to start building a business online.

2.  Researching Affiliates/Drop shippers:  Can the right or wrong affiliate/drop shipping make or break your business?  Definitely!!  The key to finding the right Vendor is making sure you’re using your primary keywords.  I have found that by using 3 distinct methods I can find just about any Vendor.  Google search, Wordtracker and an Affiliate Directory are the 3 methods I have used for years to insure my success.

3.  Build Your Website:  If you recall in my Building a Website article their are 5 most important ingredients to a website.  In my experience, I have found that if there is anything wrong with a clients business online…look to their website.  I would say that over 99% of websites I have analyzed are not put together to maximize SEO,SMO or SEM.

4.  Marketing  & Promoting:  We’re not talking about just marketing and promoting your website here.  That’s too easy!!  We’re talking about marketing and promoting your “business” as well as your website. There is a definite distinction between one and the other.  When we refer to marketing and promoting your website we’re referring to On page SEO or Off page SEO.  When we’re referring to marketing and promoting your “business” we’re referring to Press releases, social networking and Directories.

In order to succeed you MUST have a plan to succeed!!  To make it as simple to understand as possible,  I often suggest to clients to look at building their business online like they’re putting a puzzle together.  As you’ve seen in this article you have a lot of “puzzle pieces” to connect and fit them together to Build an Online Business.

Good luck