Niche Market - Bow and Arrow Aimed at Bulls EyeI don’t have to tell most of you that unless you find a Niche market…

Your most likely going to fail and probably not really make a whole lot of least not enough to recoup your initial investment, right?

Help is on the way!  :)

Lets keep it simple.  Trying to find a Niche within your business can be broken down into three specific components.

  • Brainstorming several business Ideas
  • Brainstorming multiple “words” that define those business Ideas
  • Do Keyword research

Brainstorming Several Business Ideas:

The biggest mistake I see newcomers into the world of Internet Marketing or more appropriately becoming an “Affiliate Marketer” is that they usually have no idea where to begin.  Writing down and brainstorming ideas is the first component that requires your attention.  Go wild and crazy and jot down everything you love to do, knowledgeable about and very passionate about and you will be surprised how many ideas you jot down by doing the exercise this way.

Brainstorming multiple “words” that define those business Ideas:

Once you have a list of  “business ideas”, jot down words that define each one of your business ideas.  Concentrate on one word or no more than two words for each business idea.  It is imperative that you stick to a “broad” word and not too specific.

Do Keyword research:

Now your ready to visit a Keyword Research Tool and begin plugging your words and do actual keyword research.  You should be prepared to review and analyze at least 1,000 to 5,000 words to find that niche.  What are you looking for here??  A question that I field at least 30 times a week.  The definition of an “Online Niche Market” is a smaller segment of a larger market that serves a targeted and loyal client base!  Easier said than done huh? Depending on which keyword research tool your using, each tool has a definitive way in how it measures what is a niche within its tool.

Next week I’ll cover how to use  the top Five Keyword Research Tools on the Internet.