google-analytics-revampedTest Case number 1: Client Name:  Bert, Website Type:  OpenCart, Years:  1 1/2 years, Sales:  Averaging 2 sales per month

Problems and Issues: In our first conversation over the phone Bert tells me that he’s not getting very much traffic and that most of his sales are coming from his own efforts by word of mouth.  He explains that he has lots of really good niche words and his content is pretty strong.  However his monthly average traffic is a mere 150 visits.

Website Analysis Results: I started by doing a keyword density analysis, a crawler simulator and a source page analysis and what I found was that his keyword density was less than 1%.  The crawler simulator reflected a one word title for his website/store and his description was less than 6 words.  Then I analyzed the keywords using a keyword research tool and found that all his keywords had over 3 million competitors.  The last thing I did was use a very reliable analytic tool and I found that he was getting less than 1% of his traffic(150 per month) from search engines and no traffic from referring sites or backlinks and that the majority of hits were coming from direct traffic.  My analysis did not surprise me as I had suspected I would find certain things thru all my analytical tools.

Solution: before we can address and fix his sales number we MUST increase his traffic number per month.   As we increase his traffic it will also increase his sales and therefore assist in a better ranking.  The best way to increase traffic is by attacking two crucial areas.  First, I instructed Bert to go back to a keyword research tool and look for more keywords with much lower competition.  Secondly, I provided 5 key sales strategies  for him to integrate into his business plan to increase his websites exposure.  Third, Change or modify and edit his content to match as close to his new Niche Keywords as possible.

Outcome: After 90 days Bert increased his traffic to over a thousand hits a month as a result  Sales doubled from one to two sales a month to 5 sales a month.   Although it doesn’t sound like a huge differece, you’ll have to remember that this website had been online for over a year and half and it was averaging one to two sales a month.  In less than 3 months we doubled his sales to 5.  The increase in traffic tells it all.

Remember in order to realize more sales you first have to increase Traffic!