WordPress - Web DesignWe can get pretty technical when discussing “content”

However,  for the sake of clarity and efficiency we’re going to explain it in one sentence!  Then we’ll show you the different ways of finding content to add to your website.

Content is merely a page within a website that is usually coupled with typewritten information, links and images!  It can’t be that simple…well I hate to break it to you but it is.

Every single client I have Coached, trained or mentored has had difficulty with this area when initially building their website.  Why?  Because most of us are not trained to be writers or graphic illustrators or marketing specialists.  But with a little ingenuity and creativeness and how to use a google search engine you can not only find it but find an endless stream of information that can be used for your content.  This is the beauty..most of the sources are Free!!

Where can I find Content for my website?

There are  unlimited places where you can find content but I’m going to show you at least 5 easy ways to have an immediate flow of content for you and your website:

1.  Affiliates and/or Drop shipper:  This may seem as the first place people will look for content for their website.  However, nothing can be further than the truth.  In my practice I have seen many clients never even look at their affiliates resource center for articles or archive of articles.  Most affiliates and/or dropshippers sole purpose is to assist you in promoting there products and services.  Therefore, never forget to look to your affiliate and/or dropshipper for articles and archive of articles as a great and first source of content material.

2.  Article Base Websites:  A second source of content should be an article base website.  Companies such as ezinearticles.com or findarticles.com or articlebase.com are great places to go for an enormous library of content that is specific to your subject matter and content for your website.

3.  Forums:  Google one of your niche keywords and then click on forums and you’ll see quite a few message boards and articles within these forums specific to your subject matter or business focus.  You’ll be surprised with the enormous wealth of information you can find in message boards and forums.

4.  Blogs:  Using the same strategy as number 3 above, type one of your niche keywords and click on blogs and again you will find a huge list of blogger’s out there that can provide a wealth of subject matter for your content needs.  I have been known to trade one of my articles with a blogger’s article, thereby we have back linked to each others website.  So not only do you get the article, you will also get a potential back link.  Believe me you will find a blogger who would be willing to share content.  I’ve had the occasional blogger who didn’t but I kept searching until I found a partner.  Never be afraid to ask!!

5.  Text Broker:  This should always be your last resort.  There are thousands upon thousands of authors on the internet who are paid a set fee for writing articles for the sole purpose of selling them to you and I.  I have found companies like textbroker.com who will charge you $1.00 for every 100 words.  They also have a graduated fee for more professional content as well and even the more expensive article is still really affordable.  So if you have difficulty creating your own content, contact a company that specializes in content writing and you’ll be surprised.  Its fairly simple…you provide the headline and the niche keywords and they provide the article based on those parameters.  Very easy and simple and you didn’t have to break the bank.

Remember that content creation doesn’t have to mean that you yourself have to create it, utilize these resources above to assist you in finding content and then use that content, with permission of course, on your website.

Its a jungle out there, Good Luck!!