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I will post an occasional “recommendation” or “testimonial” from a recent client simply because the project may have been a very unique project such as this one.  I was contracted to build a very unique and artistic web creation with certain parameters and I had to stay within those parameters.

However, instead of telling you what the parameters are let me give you a list of customized items I coded or embed the code within this WordPress website:

  • Graphic pages only, no content at all.
  • Invisible navigation menu that appear when hovering.
  • Image mapping with multiple links on the graphic images.
  • One color on website.
  • Shopping cart integrated with WordPress’s  log in system.
  • Navigation menu to be placed at the bottom, not at the top.
  • Website page that can download music, images and video’s.
  • Member area and separate log in for members area.

I could go on but you get the picture.  It was fairly easy to customize this particular website, especially because I was using WordPress.  I have had projects that can be a little nerve racking but anytime I use a WordPress platform it is fairly easy to customize.

I wanted to share this project mainly to reiterate to you that if you’re wanting to use a Website platform that requires a few or a lot of customization using a WordPress platform makes your job much, much easier and it simplifies your life.  And simplifying your life is always a good thing.

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