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Images-Of-MoneyI’m often asked why Blogging?

Very simple and not at all very hard to understand if you understand marketing and promoting technique’s online.  Blogger’s online have tapped into one of the fastest ways of getting traffic.  Ah, but it’s not just any old traffic….it’s a specific audience they’re trying to direct to their blog and website!  You see, most people setting up a new business online think that all you need to do is bring “traffic.” But its not general traffic we need to get, it’s a specific audience we’re looking for.  By tapping into specific keywords we’re able to direct a specific audience to our blog and website.

Before you can start blogging about a specific topic you really need to have a set of keywords to at least begin your blog.  You need the right keywords and to get the right keywords you need a very good tool that makes this process very simple, straight forward and very quick!

I prefer to use the Wordtracker SEO Blogger 1.0.3 tool.  I’ve listed a few of the benefits of using this tool:

  1. Once downloaded you can start using it immediately within your Firefox browser as it comes as an extension for a FireFox.   Internet Explorer is in the works.
  2. No need to go off to do separate keyword research.
  3. You can use this tool with absolutely any blog publishing software.
  4. You can stay focused and concentrate your research only on the post you’re writing and not having to keep going back and forth from your keyword research tool and your actual posting software.
  5. You can compare keywords instantly to find out which ones pack the most SEO Punch.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is the best tool…what I’m saying is, this is the “only” tool that allows you to do keyword research at the same time as you’re writing your post!  Now how convenient and time saving is that?

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is a Custom WordPress Web Designer & Developer, SEO Specialist and Trainer/Coach with over ten years of professional experience in the industry. As the owner of Designworks NW, LLC also known as Cano Consulting. I specialize in creating custom WordPress websites for small businesses and eCommerce online stores using WooCommerce, SEO consulting/analysis and Teach business owners how to use their website.


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