A huge amount of attention has been focused on link building

With good reason!  There are many many reasons why you should incorporate link building strategies into your overall strategies to bring more traffic to your website.  However, not all traffic is always good just like not all link building strategies are good or effective.  Your overall goal should be to bring specific and a more focused type of traffic in order to get the most bang for your time and effort.  Most of you know that it takes a huge amount of time to integrate these strategies.

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In the coming weeks and months I’ll begin a 5 part series dealing with the most effective and time saving link building strategies and tips to help you with this daunting task and hopefully make your lives a little easier.

Future article series dealing with link building:

  • What is link building on websites all about
  • Link building tools
  • Link building in SEO wiki
  • Link building campaigns
  • Link building cost

Effective Link Building Strategies & Tips 5 Part Series

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