Part II – Link Building Tools

Before we get into discussing link building tools lets remind ourselves again that the main purpose of building links to our website is primarily to increase traffic as well as a better response from potential visitors.  However we also do it for the purpose of satisfying search engines and our SEO ranking.

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What are some link building tools?

1.  Should you buy links? The answer is Yes and No!  It is true that if you purchase links it will boost your site’s performance on a Google organic (not paid) search result.  Two problems arise with this strategy.  First, you’ll find that the cost continues to go up and pricing most of us out of buying “page rank” links.  Secondly, Google will recognize that you have purchased “page rank” links and if you purchase too many your website can be banned.

Tip: Did you know that if Google ban’s your site you will NOT get any more traffic for awhile.

2.  What is a quality link? A quality link is typically defined by at least nine criteria.  However, I’d like to concentrate on three specific criteria;  Relevant, Appropriate Traffic and Visibility.  First, the link must be relevant to your business or your websites subject matter….not exact matches but it has to be related to your website.  Second, appropriate traffic refers to whether the link is driving the right kind of traffic..especially if you allow comments to be logged into your website…having a lot of comments will significantly increase your Alexa Rank.  Third, when we refer to link visibility we’re referring to popular sources of information in your particular industry and having your website “seen” on those kinds of industry type sites.  Google will recognize those types of  links as coming from authoritative sites and will regard them very, very high.

Tip: Did you know that there is more to Google ranking than PageRank?

3.  What is link building mindset? In order for your website to get noticed, acknowledged and/or recognized you have to be constantly vigilant always keep your my opened up for every opportunity for linking.  Always remember that the majority of quality links will come from the online community around your industry.  We’re talking about blogs, websites, forums and associations within your industry.

Tip:  Did you know using a Google search engine you can find just about every major association relevant to your industry!

4.  How much is a link worth? I like to call this Cold Hard Cash!!  If we play the numbers game for a minute you’ll see what a lot of us have discovered over the years.  Simply, the more quality links to your website, the more specific and targeted visitors to your website = the more visitors who actually purchase.  The beauty is that you don’t need a lot…let me give you an example;  If you have just one quality link providing you one visitor per day that converts to 365 visitors per year and if you use a typical conversion ratio of 3% your converting 11 per year for just that one quality link.  Now multiple that figure to five visitors or ten visitors from one or more quality links.  Now you’re getting the idea…



Plain and simple, Link Building strategies will increase your Traffic, Responses and SEO which ultimately means  more cash in your pocket and that’s always a good thing

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