Part III – Link Building in SEO Wiki

I know some of you out there may have never heard of SEO wiki or the SEO Wiki Effect?  I’ve done a lot of research on this topic and you’ll be surprised that its really not all that new or unique or different or even genius like.  What??  Yes, I’ll have to break it to you….it is merely a reinvention of the same wheel that has been around for over 10 years.

The Truth about SEO Wiki:

Lets first give you a bit of history and then we’ll explain the two distinct strategies that make up this SEO Wiki effect.  First of all, you have all heard of Wikipedia on the internet.  Wikipedia is simply a free dictionary online that provides definitions, information..much like those old encyclopedia’s some of us used to use to conduct research for a project.  Except you can research darn near anything and at the speed of light and with remarkable accuracy.

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Second of all, you’ve all heard of adding links to a website to both bring more traffic and satisfy search engines for the purpose of SEO.  Okay, now add both concepts – Link Building and Wikipedia, equals the SEO Wiki Effect.

The Wiki Effect:  Practical Application

Let me walk you through how a person would go about applying these two concepts into one giving them the Wiki Effect.  This process can be complicated so I’ll try to make it as basic and easy to understand by giving you an example of how one would go about implementing this concept.  First, you create a new website….say we decided to create a website about composting.   The key is making the site look and feel like a “Wikipedia” looking site and believe me you can find them, they call them  “clones.”  I found several template themes that looked and felt exactly like a Wikipedia, You Tube and even CraigsList and I found them fairly easy.  Next, you add definitions, information, articles, content within the site along with a free membership to allow members to add information on the site.  Of course you’re the moderator and administrator so you’ll be able to sift through the various entries and critique or edit the information.  In the meantime you openly offer linking to the site or creating a reciprocal link back and forth.  The object is to get as many back links to the site to make it an “authority” for composting.

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By combining  a free wiki looking website and free linking to the site you’ve created the SEO Wiki Effect.  User generated content.  Topical area…internal link structure…the list goes on and on and you can find hundreds of these “Wikipedia” type sites.

Part of the reason why I came upon researching this subject is that I have a business idea that I’d like to utilize to create my very own SEO Wiki Effect!!

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