WebDesign - WordPressThe most common question I get in my SEO Consulting, Web Design and One On One Coaching practice is

“Why is it so expensive to get a Website Designed and Built?”

The easiest answer I can give is that it really isn’t that expensive!!  Most of my colleagues of course will disagree with that statement.  But I’ll give a caveat to that statement by saying that if you’re looking for a very customized and specific look it can get pretty expensive.  However, if your looking for a very simple website it can be very, very affordable and the key is to learn how to do it yourself and know where to go to get help!!

How to create a basic website:

1.  WordPress: One of the easiest and least complicated Website platform and universally popular!! (Free)

2.  Hosting: If you’re paying more than six bucks for your hosting per month….you’re not paying just for hosting.

3.  FTP: Learning how to access your internal folders within your website will cut down your time to build a simple website.  FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol…and its a simple software you use to upload just about everything into your website.  (Free)

4.  Domain Name: For as little as 1.99 to 3.99 you can own your very own domain name.  However, most hosting companies will provide a Free domain name when you purchase a hosting service. (Free)

Here’s the best news…I’ll teach you how to do it for FREE! From September 1st to October 1st I’ll teach anyone how to set up a simple website for free!!