googlesearchimageAre We Ready for Google Instant Search?

Earlier this week the Internet search engine giant Google, Inc announced a new search engine technology called Google Instant.  I’ve read more than 15 separate reports and stories and it sounds like the reviews are mostly mixed at this early stage.  However, I noted that there were more against this new technology than are for Google Instant.

Time will only tell, however as an SEO professional and one who relies on search engine technology for my One On One Coaching, SEO Consulting and WordPress Web Design business’s…I need to understand and fully comprehend how this is going to affect all my small business clients.

So I’m going to give you my typical straight talk and no BS as I see how this new technology will affect most of my clients and most of you running an Online Internet Business.

Simply put….If you haven’t already figured it out…Creating your Title and Descriptions for your website and all of it’s pages and post just increased another notch in importance!!  Title tags and meta tag descriptions have always been one of the most important aspects of a website.  For far too long I’ve seen how small business owners put very little importance in their title tags and meta tag descriptions.  Now they have no choice if they want to be found in the first or second page of an organic search result.

My suggestion…redouble your efforts and go through every single title and description in your website!  Rewrite them if you have to and then use an SEO analysis tool or search engine crawler simulator and review the findings.

Your business is now hanging on 3 Seconds so your title and descriptions as well as your primary keywords are now twice as important!!

Are we ready for this new innovative and creative search engine technology?  Some of us have been ready…but a lot of us are NOT!