If you haven’t heard yet, Google is rolling out a new feature on Tuesday.  It will enable people to call up large snapshots of Web pages.  What Google is trying to do is increase and build upon the elements or “snippets” already found within a search result.

If you’re an internet marketer, small online business as an affiliate or an eCommerce its obvious that this will affect you and your business. But how is it going to affect my business??

Key points that supporters agree on:

* People will be able to call up large snapshots of Web Pages
* Another key element for people to have to narrow there search
* Builds on text “snippets” that already accompany a Google Search
* Using Instant Previews will increase the search result satisfaction

Key points that proponents agree on:

* Click-throughs for search ads will affect advertisers
* The snapshots or Instant Previews cover up text ads in the right-hand side of the results   page
* Ad visibility and effectiveness will be affected by Instant Previews

Those are only a few of the key points.  Whether you agree or disagree with Google Instant Previews or Snapshots…they’re here to stay and you want to make sure that you keep in mind how this will affect your potential visitors/traffic.

How Does Google Instant Preview work:

A visitor will see a small “magnifying glass” icon.  Clicking on the icon will call up the snapshot and will also turn on the feature for all other results in the set. The snapshots are static images; people will be NOT be able to click on links within the image, nor can they zoom in or out of the image.  However, Google will highlight the search query terms and other relevant content in the snapshot.

Take Advantage of Google Instant Previews/Snapshots:

I can list a lot of advantages but I really want to concentrate on two.  First, if the Instant Previews is only a static page and the search queries will be highlighted in the pop out of the Web page Instant Previews…then you need to double your efforts and make sure you’re integrating “keywords” in the body text.  I analyzed 22 website in the month of October and 21 of them were not effectively using their keywords in the body content of their website.  So I know the problem exist far too many times than I think it should.  Second, if the Instant Previews will in fact not show the right-hand side of the Web page (I’ve tested it several times this morning and it does cover up that area).  Then you may consider changing your WordPress theme to one that has a left hand sidebar and or multiple sidebar features.  It does not cover up the left hand side or the middle of the Web Page.

Take advantage of this new feature, integrate it within what you’ve already implemented in your website…the longer you fight with integrating Instant Previews new technology the higher probability is that your competition will pass you up.

Don’t wait…be proactive and start today!!