wordpress-designs-canoOne Blog or Static Website or a Hundred with One Installation?

As you recall I wrote an article not soon after the release of WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious” back in June 2010,  and I posted a review of that particular version. I knew at the time that the “Network” capability was going to revolutionize networking platform setups, but I wanted to wait and review the tech forums as well as test it myself.   More importantly it would also give a small business owner an ability to set up a “new” money making multisite set up without having the need for any special themes, plugins,  complicated MU multisite membership, AND set it up just like you would as a single WordPress installation, with the exception of a few minor modifications.

My Test:

My six month test of the new network capability consisted of one Parent website and 10 individual websites with ten different WordPress themes, separate membership platforms and three separate shopping carts.  You’ll be happy to learn that I ran into virtually no issues and I didn’t have to spend a single dime in the process.  I used a sub-directory URL set up versus the sub-domain URL set up, mainly because I wanted to see if I can set it up with NO Extra cost out of pocket.  I didn’t even have to purchase a special WPMU membership plugin,themes etc…..which by the way a membership for a WPMU membership costs $67 per month.  Another reason to test this sort of set up is that large sites like Etsy.com and BigCartel.com are gaining so much popularity but for the average small business owner, it would cost a fortune to set up a comparable type of network site.  Not anymore!!

My Results:

  1. No special WordPress Theme.  Yes, that means you don’t have to purchase a BuddyPress license and “only” use that type of theme.  Any WordPress theme will work.
  2. No special plugins.  In fact, I used the same plugins I’ve been using for years in a single WordPress set up and I had no issues with any of my plugins.
  3. One “Network Admin” that controls virtually all of the network users, profiles, plugins and themes.  In other words, you load the plugins and themes in the network platform and then activate, deactivate or delete from the network platform.
  4. Despite having one Network Admin Dashboard, each individual website within the network has its own Admin Dashboard where you can control plugins, themes, post, pages, users and your own settings for the individual website.
  5. No need to purchase separate domain names for each individual website.  You can virtually run your very own Etsy type website and charge individuals to set up there own website, with there own themes and plugins.  But you continue to have Network control from your Parent website.

The easiest way to understand how this works is how we use Child Themes.  A child theme cannot function unless you have A Parent Theme.  In the same way, individual websites (child theme scenario) cannot function unless it has a Parent Website, and just as the Parent Site controls most of the themes functions the Parent Website controls most of the network functions.

Of course I’m not covering all the intricate details and coding modifications to the config.php file etc.  I just wanted to show you how I conducted my test and how it required no additional money out of pocket.

From start to finish it took me roughly 30 minutes to set up the Network Admin and 10 individual websites within one network.  Take a look at my demo, but I warn you that its merely a demo for testing so you won’t see a lot of content.  I was more interested in setting up the network and testing all the functions.

Click here to access 10 CanoConsulting-Network Demo Sites (If you need professional “affordable” help…you know how to contact me…and believe me when I say, my Network Set Up package is extremely affordable).  Rick.Cano@CanoConsulting.com

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