Custom WordPress Theme Design

 Features included:

1.  Featured Flash photo gallery, photo flipper and Polaroid gallery.
2.  Easy upload of photo media library and connect through JS script for homepage, portfolio and gallery pages.
3.  Easy Cufon integration of over 60 stylistic fonts.
4.  Easy short code platform to integrate portfolio’s or galleries on any page or post.
5.  Templates for 2 types of custom pages; Home and Contact.

Custom Features:

1. JQuery slideshow Pop out customized to include navigation buttons as well as a drop down carousel.
2.  Custom  templates for 2 additional custom pages; Portfolio and Gallery.
3.  Keyword research, title tag, meta tag description and all SEO customizations.
4.  Cool Iris Gallery on the fly on the Portfolio Page.
5.  Custom Flash integrated within a WordPress website WITHOUT interfering with SEO.

Sandra Falga – All rights reserved – Model – Presenter and Actress from Barcelona, Spain – Her likeness and images in this project were used her full authorization and license.