Custom Features:

1.  4 Separate custom contact forms for 5 pages.
2.  Keyword research, title tag, meta tag description and all SEO customizations.
3.  All graphics custom edited and cropped for image slider.
4.  Custom coded Facebook thread to display in a service box on the home page.
5.  Quote bar graphic created from photoshop with colors that match the main navigation bar.
6.  Extracted three separate colors from company logo; one shade of blue, one shade of turquoise and one shade of grey.

Feedback:  Client loved their new website and found the navigation very easy to follow and they loved the way I used specific colors out of their company logo.  However, what they really loved is how easy it was to edit and modify the images and text.  I teach all of my clients the “basics” of how to use their new website so its easy for them to maintain it on a daily basis.  They’ll never have to pay me or anyone just to do some basic edits and modifications.