When It Comes To SEO Link Building, Outreach Is The KeyThere’s a saying in search engine optimization that content is king. It really applies to more than just SEO, as it also relates to keeping your readers once they find your site and then converting them into either repeat visitors or customers. Another way to improve your chances of doing that is to use high quality premium WordPress themes.

The thought process is that if your content is not any good, it doesn’t matter how high you are in search rankings because all of your traffic is going to leave right away anyway. As such, in order for your search engine optimization efforts to be effective, you need to have good, high quality content. That can also be applied to link building.

Quality Links Help SEO and Conversions

SEO Link Building Requires OutreachWhen it comes to link building, not all links are created equal. That is true both from an SEO perspective and from an end result perspective. Obviously the higher the ranking of the site that is giving you a link is, the more you are likely to benefit from that link. This is because Google is able to discern the difference and will take that into account when figuring out your Page Rank.

As a result, there is something to be said, strictly from an SEO perspective, for targeting high quality websites and attempting to get links from them by reaching out directly to ask them about it.

On top of helping you with your SEO, you should get more visitors as a result of higher quality links. This is because a higher quality link is likely to be on a site with a lot more traffic, so there are a lot more people who have the chance to see your link and check out your site. This can mean more long-term success for you either in traffic building or converting visitors to sales.

In addition, it should give you more valuable visitors to your website. Links that are not as focused or come from relatively random websites are less likely to lead to a repeat visitor or a sale. Thus, these links are not only less valuable from an SEO perspective but also from an end-result perspective.

Use Outreach to Request Links on Good Sites

Link Buidling Outreach is KeyThe best way to go about building high quality links to your site is to first make a list of sites that you believe would work well. You want to go after websites that have a high Google Page Rank, which you should be able to look up online through a free tool. You also want these sites to have high traffic, which should go hand in hand, and similar content to your own.

Once you are able to identify these sites, you should try to network with their owners or contributors in an attempt to foster some good will. Keep an eye on their content and when you feel that something you’ve posted on your site may be of interest to them or relate to a recent post of theirs, reach out and let them know and ask for a link.

This should be more successful for you than the Internet equivalent of cold calling, which would be cold e-mailing or Tweeting at them asking for a link. Still, social media can be useful. If you are unable to find contact info, attempting to initiate conversation through Twitter is a perfectly acceptable and potentially highly effective strategy.

The key is to get in touch one way or another and then find a good opportunity to do some link building.

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