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Using promo videos for marketing purposes is hardly a new idea.  After all, companies have traditionally used video format to engage their audience and present their brand. But, do videos have a place in modern marketing? And, come to think of it, is using promo videos to boost your SEO a good idea? Well, that is what we are here to find out.

Why is using promo videos to boost your SEO a good idea

First, let’s get one thing straight. Not only should you use promo videos to boost your SEO, but we would argue that tackling modern marketing without proper use of video content is doomed to fail. In the past couple of years, video content has become more and more popular. Just think of the newest social media platforms (like TikTok) where short videos are all the craze. But why have videos become so popular in the past couple of years?

Google highly values video content

Well, when it comes to SEO, it is essential to mention that Google loves video content. A large part of Google’s revenue comes through YouTube. And it is precisely through YouTube that Google has seen how informative, educational, and engaging videos can be. Modern technologies allow Google to analyze and sort videos in a much more efficient manner. Therefore, they are more than willing to let good video content shine.

Mobile optimization

Another reason for the increased popularity of video content is mobile optimization. Namely, over half the people that use Google use it through their mobile devices. This means that your website needs to be responsive and that you need to understand how mobile devices change the online experience.

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You need to have a mobile-friendly website if you wish to tackle modern SEO.

On such devices, reading can be pretty bothersome, especially if we are talking about phones. But, luckily, videos have no trouble making good use of limited screen size. Vertical videos, in particular, make great use of phones as they are quite digestible and easy to absorb. Seeing that videos and phones go hand in hand and that SEO management is impossible without mobile optimization. Thus, it shouldn’t take much to conclude that videos are mandatory for modern SEO.

Direct impact

The one thing that remains tried and true since TV commercials is that videos have a direct impact. When you present written content or an image, there is only so much you can expect. Sure, some people will find your content engaging. But, know that they will view it on various occasions and in different settings. Luckily, videos don’t have this problem.

Video content is best at capturing your attention. As you get both visual and audio input, you are easily taken away from your everyday life. This is why commercials are so effective, even if they don’t have a compelling message. The direct impact of videos is hard to miss as you don’t have to concentrate fully for it to have full effect.

Making use of diminishing attention span

Numerous studies have shown that the average attention span of the modern customer has diminished drastically over the past decade. How long the current attention span is, is up for debate. But, the popular estimates put it at about 8 seconds. Now, let that sync in. 8 seconds on average. This means that the average viewer didn’t get much further than the introduction to this article. There is only so much content you can show within these 8 seconds, especially if it is written. But, if it is video, these 8 seconds can be all you need.

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Once you fully understand the attention span of the modern viewer, you will soon realize why using promo videos to boost your SEO is a good idea.

Short videos in story format have become all the craze. Even small companies can make great use of social media if they create good video content. Just take a look at current platforms, or visit TikTok to see this in motion. Nowadays, you can only hope that people who are already interested will read your content. But, you can expect the people who have minimal interest to view a video regarding it.

How to create good video content

By now, it should be fairly clear that creating promo videos is a good idea. But, as it is with all marketing content, you need to know how to put quality first. The only way your SEO will benefit from your video is if you keep certain aspects in mind while creating it.

Understand your brand

First and foremost, you need to understand your brand. One of the reasons why promotions from social media influences don’t work is that their videos have little relation to the brand they are promoting. So, if you are to create good videos or hire people to do it for you, you need to understand your brand. Good brand awareness will help you orient your video and use the right tone. Plus, it will make any promotion feel natural and not shoehorned in.

Connect your video to your overall online presence

While videos can do wonders for your SEO, they cannot be your entire online presence. Instead, it would be best to use them as another piece of content that connects to your overall online presence. Written content, images, and even audio content all have a role to play. So, carefully consider how and where you will use videos and connect them to what you already have.

A person watching an instructional video on a laptop, showing what you need to keep in mind when using promo videos to boost your SEO.

Good video content naturally connects to the rest of your online presence.

This is especially important to remember when it comes to keywords. Keyword planning is essential, especially for long-tailed keywords. And you need to connect your keyword plan with your video content to make good use of SEO.

Include transcript

A significant part of your viewers will view your video without sound. Therefore, it is in your best interest to include a transcript in your videos. This not only helps when using promo videos to boost your SEO. But also makes your videos much more user-friendly. Know that by doing so, you also help hearing-impaired people absorb your content, which is always a plus.