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Blogs are the most popular form of online information sharing today. They are filled with guides, tutorials, and interesting reads. Furthermore, blogs are an excellent tool for advertising products, driving traffic to your website, increasing search engine visibility, and so on. Obviously, blogs have a variety of different uses, and it is all because of the content they offer. Content indeed is what matters the most when it comes to blogs. If you are starting a blog, you need to create valuable content, or no one will read it. If we know that, an important question to answer is, does your blog design matter?

How does blog design affect customer experience?

Even though content is king when it comes to blogging, there are so many other factors that affect overall customer satisfaction. Blog design is one of them.

Let’s do a little test now. Open a few blogs, each dedicated to a different industry. For example, open a blog about food, cars, DIY projects, and website marketing. You will notice that each of these blogs has a lot to offer in terms of content, but their designs are different. Design is the visual part that goes together with the content. There is something happening in the subconsciousness of the readers that connects the aesthetic look of the blog with its content.

The colors, shapes, typeface – everything is important. If you open a blog about nature, you will see that one of the dominant colors is green. Green is associated with nature. If that blog had different colors, like black or purple, you would feel like something was off.

From this angle, the color of your blog should match the topic you are writing about.

Blogs are also used for advertising

If you are advertising a product or a service through your blog, you need to think about the design. The readers will go from the blog to other pages to make a purchase.

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Since the idea is to market the product as best as possible, you need to learn how to transform your entire website into a marketing tool. With marketing, visuals play a crucial role.

A well-designed blog will keep readers’ attention

Try finding an article of about 3000 words with no photos or any particular design. Try reading it and understanding what it’s about. You will notice that something is missing as you are reading the article.

The absence of photos and an entertaining design layout makes reading on a website page dull. You are facing a giant wall of text with nothing to break the boredom of the page. It is expected that a website is a visual treat for the eye.

Do a little research about the most important web design trends for 2022. This will give you an idea of how to design your blog and make it modern.

Create different types of blog posts to organize your content

Blog design also adds to the organization and structure of your blog. It helps create patterns in the minds of your readers. To best explain this, let’s look at another example.

There are a couple of different blog post types:

  • hacks;
  • FAQs;
  • opinions;
  • reviews;
  • guides;
  • top 10;

These are just a few examples, but you get the point. Using different blog post types is good because it provides a variety of choices for your readers. Try different styles to make your blog interesting, and break a dull pattern. Your readers need varying content to keep them interested and engaged.

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You could use a blog to boost your social media profiles

Articles are an excellent choice of content for social media profiles. You can attract more clients by posting articles on your social media page. This will not only keep your readers interested but also bring more traffic to your website. You need to take all the opportunities you can get when starting as a freelance blogger.

Your blog design needs to be interesting and engaging for new visitors. They expect a high amount of quality, especially if they follow you on social media.

Work on the design of the comment section

The comment section is crucial for a blog. This is how people may communicate and discuss your articles together. Based on the findings by Link Department, a comment section on a blog is also a very useful tool for building organic traffic. Readers may write about topics that include important keywords and help in improving your website’s rating.

All of the comments need to be nested properly and clearly visible. This is an excellent opportunity to also use colors to match the theme of the comments section with the rest of the blog.

Where to find inspiration for improving your blog’s design?

The downside of working on a blog design is that it does take a lot of time. Furthermore, the competition is fierce, and it is challenging to make something that will stand out among the other blogs.

But that is precisely the way to make something different. You will need a good blog designer, though. Talk about your ideas, and let them tell you what is good about the ideas and what is not. They have a lot of experience, and they instantly know if something will work or not.

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As a last piece of advice, make sure not to fill your article pages with too many elements. The content should still be the top priority.


Does your blog design matter? We can safely say that it does. Maybe not in terms of content quality, but it is imperative as a visual tool to complement the content you are releasing. You need to make your pages interesting and your articles engaging. Think about ways to use design to improve your blog. Play with colors, break the endless walls of text with beautiful and relevant photos, manage the comment section, and so on. Treat your blog the same way you treat the rest of the website.