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How to Build a Loyal Customer Base as an Ecommerce Solopreneur

Running an e-commerce business as a solopreneur means that you have access to a global market that can purchase from you at all hours of the day, every day. But that doesn’t mean attracting customers and keeping them around is easy. On the contrary, there are many other e-commerce entrepreneurs competing with you at this moment, and making your company stand out can be thoroughly challenging, especially when it’s just you running the show!

If you want to build a healthy customer base, you must strategize every aspect of your business. And these tips from Designworks can help you get off to a strong start:

Figure out where to save.

First of all, you can’t run a business without money. And it’s all too easy to mismanage your finances when you are responsible for doing everything yourself. Evaluate your budget, and make sure you understand where every dollar is going. If there are any unnecessary expenses weighing you down, get rid of them immediately.

Your time is also valuable. If there are any tasks or projects that are consuming your time and distracting you from growing your business, see if you can budget to outsource them to other professionals. Yes, you will have to pay more up front, but it can save you money and stress in the long run.

Create a top-notch website.

As an e-commerce solopreneur, your entire business revolves around the Internet. In terms of marketing, your first priority should be having a professional website. Your site should not only be attractive and engaging, but it should also provide users with an easy, seamless checkout experience. And it should work well on mobile devices. While you could build your website yourself, the better choice is to work with professionals. The experts at Design Works can develop and design a custom WordPress site for your small venture, complete with mobile responsive design, and then help you learn how to manage it.

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Develop a mobile app.

Along with having a mobile-friendly website, consider creating a mobile app for your company. These days, nearly half of consumers shop more through a smartphone, tablet, or another mobile device than they do in person. Work with a web developer to make an app that will ultimately boost your bottom line.

Go all-in on social platforms.

Social media is still king. Among other platforms, you should be promoting your brand and products on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest every day. Be sure to go further than advertising your products by interacting with your customers and potential customers through posts, comments, messaging, and other channels.

Provide consistent, high-quality content.

No matter what marketing channels you utilize, you will need top-notch contact if your strategy is going to be successful. This means keeping a regular blog of well-written and informative articles on your website. But you should also offer your audience product and tester videos, tutorials, and images that showcase how your company can meet their needs.

Learn more about business.

It’s true that anyone can start a business, but to give you a better chance at lasting success, it helps to have a knowledge base you can draw from. This should include networking with other solopreneurs as well as local business owners through your chamber of commerce. You can also go back to school to get a better grasp of operations and marketing and management, which will pay off as your business grows. Plus, online universities are perfect for busy professionals looking to boost their skill set while working full-time.

Stay on top of customer service.

Last but not least—think of your customers at every turn. Be quick to respond to any inquiries, concerns, and issues your customers reach out to you about. Ideally, you will respond within twenty-four hours if not sooner.

Moreover, stay on top of your inventory to minimize delayed shipments and other errors. Fortunately, there are many inventory software solutions designed specifically for entrepreneurs who work alone or with small teams.

If you want your e-commerce business to stand out from the competition, you have to gain a loyal following of people who will buy your products. The tips above can help you get a strong start, but keep looking for other ways that you can attract new customers and keep them around for the long haul. In no time, your brand will be one to be reckoned with!

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