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Digital Innovations That Will Help Your Small Business Grow

Digital Innovations That Will Help Your Business Grow – Small and midsize business owners wanting to see their companies grow are turning to digital and cloud-based technologies designed to increase productivity. The same technologies are also used for data and market analyses, outputting results that lead to better targeting of customers and an increase in revenue. Here, we’ll look at four digital innovations businesses can greatly benefit from:

Cloud-Based Accounting Software

This tool will save you and your teams both time and headaches. By automating data entry and making it readily accessible to all stakeholders, you’ll avoid redundancies and the potential for human error. Choose a cloud-based accounting software that allows you to send electronic invoices to your clients, making it easier to get paid on time. Customize your invoice template and create tailored invoices in minutes, set payment reminders, and get notified when the invoice is paid. This will help you keep up to date regarding your company’s cash flow and expenses, at any time and from any device. Make sure the software you choose covers all your bookkeeping needs, from logging working hours to calculating taxes and keeping track of your inventory.

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Time Management Tools

When you have employees working remotely and teams spread around the globe, processing payroll can be a challenge. So think about investing in a time management tool that lets employees clock in and out easily, via a smart device or computer, and that automatically creates timesheets you can integrate with your payroll solution. An automated system will eliminate the need for manual data entry and will prevent typos and miscalculations, saving your company time and money. Another advantage of implementing an automated time management system is its ability to accurately calculate labor and overtime costs. This gives you insight into your business processes, what kind of return on investment you’re getting, and how you can streamline and optimize workflows for increased profitability.

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Digital Marketing

In the digital age, offering a great product or service isn’t enough to ensure the success of a company. You have to deliver your message far and wide in order to reach your target audience and generate sales. Thankfully, when you run a small business, you don’t have to spend a fortune on advertising campaigns and strategies. But having a professional website as your business’s calling card is an absolute must. Make sure it is optimized for SEO and conversions. Prioritize your users’ experience by ensuring your pages load quickly and have clear call-to-action buttons. Provide content that is timely and relevant to your target market, and share it on your company’s social media channels.

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Mobile Applications

Online shoppers aren’t limited to using their desktop or laptop computers anymore to browse products; they can do it on their smartphones wherever they go. So reaching your customers where they are will allow your business to increase its sales and revenue. Think about developing a mobile app for your business, and send notifications and messages to your brand followers to keep your company top-of-mind when they’re shopping. Make sure your app is easy to navigate, functional and fast-loading, with search filter functions allowing customers to quickly find what they want. Offer a variety of payment options, be quick to respond to queries and fix potential issues, and you’ll stay ahead of your competitors.

Implementing digital technologies in your small or midsize business will allow you to increase productivity and revenue. Take time to choose the software and platforms that best fit your needs. And make sure to get input from your stakeholders for a smooth rollout.


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