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5 Digital Marketing Optimization Tips For Businesses

Every digital marketing professional feels the heat to show a high ROI on their marketing budget. However, that is easier said than done in a competitive online environment in which marketing content is ubiquitous. To help your business emerge through the muck, keep reading to discover 5 digital marketing optimization tips for businesses.

1. Go the Extra Mile on Website Design

You have probably noticed that a career known as UX design is one of the fastest growing professions in the world. This is because businesses are investing heavily in optimizing their websites to improve user experience (UX), which directly influences a business’ ability to turn online leads into paying customers.

Some ways that a website can be optimized for UX include:

  • Improving the loading speed of pages. Statistics show that if customers must wait more than a few seconds for a page to load, they are significantly more likely to defect from your website.
  • Replacing cumbersome chunks of text with high quality images and logos that allow visitors to process your brand in a matter of seconds.
  • Streamlining checkout so customers can pay for their items as quickly as possible, reducing abandoned carts.
  • Formatting the website so that it is mobile friendly. You do not want customers to have to do a lot of scrolling and zooming when shopping on the go.

Essentially, to strengthen your UX, you need to design your website in a way that makes it easy for leads to accomplish what they came to your website to do. If your website is meant to be educational and informative, visitors should be able to get their questions answered as efficiently as possible. If your website is meant to facilitate sales, visitors must be able to quickly locate products and pay. By partnering with an industry leader that specializes in website optimization, customers can more conveniently accomplish their goals on your website, leading to satisfaction, high return rates, and ongoing customer relationships.

2. Invest in Online Asset Management

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Marketing asset management is an emerging focus in the era of online commerce. With so many vendors, resellers, and affiliates who have access to your products, it is easy for your brand to become watered down, muddled, or flat-out misrepresented online.

Therefore, investing in a marketing asset management tool is a great way to ensure that your brand is consistently represented online. By centralizing marketing content and making it readily available to all your potential distributors, businesses can establish a more meaningful marketing campaign that builds on itself across all mediums.

3. Remember the Power of Email Marketing

It is easy to dismiss email marketing—one of the earliest forms of digital marketing—as new social media platforms arise and low-cost video production gets better and better. And to be fair, there are thousands of marketing emails that get the “right-click, delete” treatment without a second thought.

However, there is no denying that when properly executed, an email marketing campaign remains the most profitable form of digital marketing on the planet. There is no other form of marketing that can match email’s ability to directly reach thousands of customers in a matter of seconds at next to no cost.

The reasons that email marketing campaigns fail is due to poor execution. Businesses buy email addresses from sketchy sources and use gaudy fonts and subject lines that reek of “junk” mail. When mailing these types of messages to customers who are completely outside of your target audience, they never get opened, and quickly get marked as spam. Your ensuing messages will never see the light of day.

While you will never get a 100% open rate for your email marketing, you can improve your chances of getting your message seen by being intentional with your email campaigns. Only build your email lists from past customers, or from those leads who have voluntarily furnished their contact information to you. Keep the content of your messages professional, with meaningful offers that will spur customers to take action. Be sure to shoot a message to customers on special occasions, such as holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, to show that you care about them as people and give them incentive to use your business the next time they are considering a purchase.

4. Become an Authoritative Voice in Your Field

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People are always looking for answers to questions in 2022. In fact, statistics show that Google processes some 5.6 billion searches each day. Through your website blog, you can be the authoritative voice that people land on when seeking answers.

When it comes to ranking for SEO, more is generally better. When you have a lot of content on your site and you answer a lot of questions, the search engines are likely to favor your site over less populous domains. Therefore, regularly posting professional content to your site’s blog is one of the most important things you can do for SEO purposes.

However, the quality of the content is just as important as the quantity. Remember to research trending keywords in your field and incorporate them into your content to increase the likelihood that you are positioned to match customer searches. Use quality images to break up long chunks of text. Embed links to other helpful sites and voices to improve your click-through rate. And don’t forget to give your content a local angle to appeal to a more specific target audience.

5. Solicit Online Reviews

The internet has provided a platform for every customer to make his or her voice heard. And people listen to these voices. Reviews have become such a big business that everyday people become professional reviewers, with businesses doing everything in their power to get reviews to help establish trust among their client base.

For better or worse, your business needs online reviews to be taken seriously in 2022. Many customers will filter their internet searches based on “most reviews.” They genuinely want to hear what people like them are saying about the business.

Therefore, regularly follow up with past customers to try and get them to leave a review. Google My Business is a great option because most people have Google accounts. However, social media and direct to your website are also great options.

Don’t be afraid of negative reviews. While you don’t want the majority of your reviews to be critical, and you want to ensure that your rating doesn’t drop below 4.5, customers actually value seeing some constructive reviews mixed in with positive feedback. Businesses that only have 5-star reviews are met with a degree of skepticism, so use critical reviews as a chance to publicly demonstrate that you take feedback seriously and are willing to improve their customer experience.

Boost Profits with These 5 Digital Marketing Tips

The digital marketing climate in which everyone is an influencer or affiliate is extremely competitive. To help your business gain an edge, focus on going the extra mile with UX design, investing in digital asset management tools, leveraging the power of email marketing, creating authoritative content, and soliciting online reviews.

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