Blogging With The Right Keywords

Whether you blog for your business or for fun and your topics range from business, politics or whatever the hot topic of them moment you must have a tool that allows you to find the most sought-after keywords for your topic or subject and the tool I most prefer to use is Wordtracker’s SEO Blogger. I’ve been using this tool for well over a year since it first came out and it has really streamlined my blogging. It literally optimized my posts as I wrote them.

Yes, I’d like to order “Blogging for Business”

I personally use WordPress as my blogging software, however this tool can be used with any blog publishing software and it actually sits alongside whatever software you’re using so you can do keyword research “and” optimize your post as you actually write.

Find the Best Keywords for Your Business and Drive More Traffic to Your Website!

It’s easy to get started, simply follow these steps I’ve laid out for you.  I’ve also included a screen shot of what your browser will look like with the SEO blogger activated and your blogging software open.

1. First, open your Firefox browser, then click on this link:  Wordtracker Labs , Install SEO Blogger.  After you download the tool make sure you restart your Firefox and then you’ll see a ‘W’ icon in the bottom right corner of your browser window.  Now open your blogging software and create a new post or edit an old post then Click the ‘W’ to open the tool.  You’ll notice the tool will open on the left side in a separate window and it will move your blogging publishing software to the right in a small window.

2.  Enter a seed word and hit search and you’ll see a list of suggested keywords.

3.  Pick the ones you like and then add them to your chosen keywords by clicking add.  You’ll notice they’ll be listed in the bottom half of the SEO Blogger tool whereas the suggested words will be listed in the top half of that window.

4.  Now begin writing your post using your chosen keywords.  You’ll notice as you write your post the tool will actually give you how many times you’ve used each keyword within your post.

Find the Best Keywords for Your Business

Below you’ll see what this window looks like.  Keep in mind I was using WordPress as my blogging software.

SEO Blogger Screen Shot