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Websites and its Weaknesses | Long Tailed Keywords

By |December 16th, 2009|Coaching/Teacher/Mentor, SEO/SEM/SMO, Web Design - WordPress|

If you recall a few weeks ago I provided a test case in which I showed you how a website performed or lack thereof! One of the largest myths I run into in my private practice is that a majority of cli [...]

What is Content Creation

By |November 12th, 2009|Coaching/Teacher/Mentor, SEO/SEM/SMO, Web Design - WordPress|

We can get pretty technical when discussing "content" However,  for the sake of clarity and efficiency we're going to explain it in one sentence!  Then we'll show you the different ways of finding con [...]

Coach for Internet Marketing

By |October 18th, 2009|Coaching/Teacher/Mentor|

What Exactly Does a Coach Provide? I received a call from a potential client recently and our conversation took about 15 minutes and I noticed as I spoke to this potential client that he really didn't [...]

Build a Business Online

By |September 26th, 2009|Coaching/Teacher/Mentor, SEO/SEM/SMO, Web Design - WordPress|

So You Want to Build a Business Online? Easier said then done!!  I assure you that building a business on the Internet is not as easy as some sales people lead on.  It took me roughly two years to rea [...]

Finding a Niche Market?

By |September 4th, 2009|Coaching/Teacher/Mentor, SEO/SEM/SMO|

I don't have to tell most of you that unless you find a Niche market... Your most likely going to fail and probably not really make a whole lot of least not enough to recoup your initial inv [...]

Coaching One-On-One Tips!

By |July 6th, 2009|Coaching/Teacher/Mentor|

When Coaching One On One always remember to lay out a plan and goals! If you don't set goals and a plan on how to achieve your goals your almost setting yourself up for failure even before you've star [...]