One On One CoachingWe bring over 10 years of internet marketing, and over 25 years of one on one coaching experience to teach and coach you to overcome some of your marketing challenges.  We offer individualized One On One Coaching sessions, Group Coaching sessions, and a “Free” Website Analysis report to assist us in putting together an effective training/one on one coaching strategy.


One On One Coaching – The Process

First, we begin with a live telephone discussion, during which we discuss your website and your goals for your online business.  Once we come to an agreement, we will set up a payment schedule for your one on one coaching sessions.  We will then conduct an extremely thorough Analysis of your website which we’ll use to help us put together a strategy for how many one on one coaching sessions and we can most effectively teach and train you.

Specifically, the report will be a detailed overview of your websites strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggestions on how to exploit the strengths and correct the weaknesses.


One On One Coaching – The Report


1.  Search Engine Ranking:

Search engine ranking analysis covers all the basics:

  • Link Popularity & Google Rank – We will analyze everyone of your Inbound links to determine your best linking strategy.
  • Keyword Analysis and Strategy – We will analyze your keywords and insure that you are utilizing all the “Niche” keywords available for your Business.
  • Directory Placement – We will analyze your directory placement and provide suggestions to better utilize this strategy.

2.  Website Usability Conversion:

Usability is the science of how real people interact with your website.  Make a site easier to “use” and sales increase.  Usability is critical to an Internet business: AOL won the ISP wars by having the best usability(“AOL is so easy to use..”).  If you have traffic but sales are lagging, usability is usually the KEY to success.  The basic report covers a usability overview, which often identifies critical problems and when we cover this section during your one on one coaching sessions we’ll give you some key tips  to help you make your site easier to use. 

3.  Market Strength Analysis:

Who runs Affiliate programs in your market?  How strong is their program? Can you share their affiliates?  How many searches are done for your keywords?  How many competitors do you have?  Can you beat them, or should you out-maneuver them instead?  My analysis will address these questions and more and we’ll provide 3 specific steps during your one on one coaching sessions to help you strengthen your market presence.

The  Custom Analysis and Written Report is FREE!!


One On One Coaching – The Sessions


Once we’ve completed the analysis of your website and then compared it to your goals we’ll set a one on one coaching schedule whereby we can cover every pertinent area in three, four, five or as many sessions as we both agree will cover every area so you’ll understand and be able to continue on with minimum supervision.

Follow-Up one on one coaching is available in real time via telephone and GoToMeeting session and you’ll find that it keeps you on course by evaluating your progress every week, answering questions and celebrating your successes.

Email me to learn more about our One On One Coaching package:

“Thank you so much for all your help.  I learned so much with your style of coaching.  You are very easy to talk to; it made the experience less stressful for a non-technical person as myself.  Your explanations to my questions were easy to understand.  Thanks again for all your help.”
Pam Phonthongsy, eCommerce client 

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“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it and if you can’t manage it, you can’t make any money!”
Rick Cano,