Coaching Website Design 

Coaching Website Design

 We bring over 10 years of coaching website design experience.  We offer individualized one on one coaching website design and group coaching website design to help our small business clients create, develop and design their very own company website


 Coaching Website Design – The Process


We first begin with a live telephone discussion, during which we discuss your website, your industry and your goals.  Once we agree, we’ll set up a payment schedule for your coaching website design sessions.  We will then conduct a review of your design requirements, list of features and functions, graphic images and then map out a schedule for your coaching website design sessions.


Coaching Website Design – The Sessions


We’ll set up your coaching website design sessions to cover the design layout, colors, fonts, graphic images, sidebar, header, footer, body/content.  Then we’ll move to creating and customizing your colors and graphic images where we’ll show you how to actually modify and tweak your images so they have a great look and feel. Finally we’ll walk you through SEO and how keywords are integrated into your meta title, meta description and meta keywords area.

Note:  Keep in mind that we’re only providing an estimate of features and functions…each clients website design will be exclusive so some may have videos, image sliders, jquery etc.

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